Hartley Boats - New Blaze manufacturer 

From late Summer Hartley Boats will be taking over manufacture of all new Blaze dinghies.  We will still continue to support the Blaze and will, I'm pretty sure, be directly involved with the odd Blaze refurbishment project. 

In the short term - until Hartley get up to speed with hull production and a full range of original equipment spares - you can still get many of them via Cirrus as we reduce our own stock.  As soon as the new builder is in a position to supply Cirrus will refer you there.  All new boat enquiries are already being handled by them.

Ten years of refinement and careful evolution while at Cirrus has shown the boats wide appeal and the Blaze has more than endured in a decade when many others have simply stuggled.  Hartleys involvement from 2016 will ensure that the class now becomes the real classic its character fully justifies ....

Mike Lyons   (Blaze '818' - revised Aug16)


Cirrus Raceboats is a specialist developer / supplier of racing dinghies and parts. It is run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts and we offer nothing that we do not or would not use ourselves. Racing dinghies that offer high performance for 'regular' sailors are our aim.

We aim to develop designs that are suited for the experienced front-line racer but are just as suitable for regular club sailors. The underlying philosophy is to keep things simple and as light as possible.

If 'it' does not justify its place on the boats we work with then you really don't need it - but this does not mean having to compromise on performance.  It keeps things lightweight, highly functional and accessible to many more.  The boats we get involved with tend towards the minimalist - by design.

Whatever your interest send us an email and whatever the stage of your enquiry we will do our best to help you.