New Telephone number  & email address from 1/1/18 - See contact section for details.

NEW - See 'preloved' ie 'for sale' section - Superb refurbished Mk1 now coming available

Cirrus Raceboats is a specialist developer / supplier of racing dinghies and parts - until 2016 it manufactured the Blaze dinghy, before rights were transferreed to Hartley boats.   Today a revised scale, and with different objectives, Cirrus still supports the Blaze family in additon to involvement with new design and development projects.

In short the company targets fellow enthusiasts and we offer nothing that we do not or would not use ourselves.  Racing dinghies that can offer refined performance for more sailors and for more of the time are our focus.

We can offer good used boats from time to time and do restore and upgrade owners boats to whatever level is required.  As ever we are very happy to advise both prospective and existing owners - get in contact if you need some input.

Beyond the Blaze our involvement with other projects involves working with manufacturers as they develop and look to market new boats.  We get involved with designs that are suited for both the experienced front-line racer and for regular club sailors.   Inevitably we cannot reveal too many details at the early and proving stages !  The underlying philosophy is to keep things simple, light and durable. 'Fun', 'Practical' and 'Useable' performance is the key.

If 'it' does not justify its place on the boats we work with then you really don't need it - but this does not mean having to compromise on performance.  We keep things lightweight, highly functional and accessible to the many but without losing that necessary 'challenge' element.  The boats we get involved also end towards the minimalist - by design.

Whatever your interest send us an email and whatever the stage of your enquiry we will do our best to help you.