Carbon mast

Following a decision back in 2012 at the association AGM a one-design carbon mast alternative to the pre-existing alloy M7 mast was formally adopted.

The mast is a totally standardised design and intercompatible with the pre-existing M7 mast.  The regular North racing sail requires no alteration and is well matched.  Please note the alloy M7 remains available for those who need/want it or specify it on new boats - while many new boats are supplied with the carbon mast about 1/3rd  of new owners still specify M7 alloy and National Championships have still been won with them since carbon masts were introduced.  Speeds are very very similar in practice but it is generally accepted the the carbon mast is 'easier' to use in medium/strong wind conditons.

The carbon mast is a round section high-spec 50mm tube with top taper and was developed specifically for the Blaze family.

For those retro-fitting them, the carbon mast is supplied with the three main standing rigging wires.  You simply transfer your halyard or add a new one and re-use the existing 'lowers'.

Rake setting (as recommended) is identical to the alloy mast - 7040mm measured from the top of the mast to the underside of the hull one side or other of the stern rudder post (attach a tape to the halyard and raise to the mast head).  Lowers should have about 40-50mm 'freedom' when measured at mid point with the sail OFF the mast.

You will need to use a bit more kicker than with the alloy masts and possibly a little more cunningham tension.  The best way to assess this is to experiment on the water and look at other boats. 


ML 10-9-13 - updated Sept 14+Sept 16