April 2017  'Cirrus Raceboats Limited' has stopped suplying new Blazes but is working on a couple of 'new' projects.  However Mike continues to refurbish boats for customers on request and will be able to supply many parts in the future.

November 2015 - Agreement between Cirrus Raceboats and Hartley Boats Limited has been reached regarding the purchase by Hartley of the 'Blaze business', Blaze production tooling plus rights.  This follows negotiations between the two organisations over the last few months.  A more formal announcement will be made in due course by both parties.   The 'switch date' for this change is coincidental with the 2016 Blaze Nationals next June at Paignton - prior to this all parts and boats will continue to be supplied by Cirrus.  Mike will remain firmly committed to the Blaze into the future as a regular racing owner again ... lest there be any doubt !  It should also be noted that Cirrus Raceboats Limited itself is not part of the sale to Hartley and will remain involved with other projects and partners.   

October 2015 - Another 30+ inlands at Bala in N.Wales despite a low wind forecast that challenged all.  In the end Mike Lyons won overall despite being challenged right up to the very last race ....  Youth, Eden Hyland, just lost out in the critical R.6 but will surely steal the chocolates in the future.  Simon Beddows was third.    

September 2015 - Battle of the Classes race  Held alongside the Southampton Boat Show each year.  Two Halos, a Blaze and a Fire rigged boats are entered.  All competitors are being GPS tracked by 'Sailracer' ... will this race finally suit one or other of the Blaze family variants ?  The race is being held on Sunday 13th September.

September 2015 - Blazes win through at the Sheepey Race.  Thought to be the longest Dinghy Race in Europe the  40 mile circumnavigation course is not for the faint hearted.   Entered Blazes had an exceptional year in this class favourite with 3 of the front 4 positions overall going to Blazes ... The course is  considered 'demanding' and the combination of wing (helping endurance) and knock-back foils (to cut the 'corners' very very fine !) does suit the Blaze.

July 2015  - Congradulations to Jon Saunders - 2015 Blaze National Champion following the breezy Hayling Island SC tussle for the title.  This is Jon's second Nationals title.   

July 2015 - Cirrus Raceboats Announcement -  Next year Mike is 60 (!) and will have been running Cirrus for 10 years.  His planned ‘travelling 60th year sabbatical’ and more recently changes in domestic circumstances mean soon is very much the preferred time to ‘move on’.   The Blaze as a SMOD package is therefore offered for sale and this can include  all design rights, goodwill, tooling, manufacturing / marketing rights plus SAV (Stock at valuation).  Please note Icon and derivatives of it are being dealt with separately.   The (Blaze) business has significant potential for further growth and expansion with the right individual or organisation   Expressions of interest in confidence are sought.

November 2014 - 'Fire' is confirmed as being based 100% on standard Blaze equipment - the possible narrow wing option is dropped.  All that is needed is a regular Blaze hull ... and a Fire sail.  Mast rake and all other settings can simply be left unaltered.

October 2014 - Ben Pickering does the double and wins the 2014 Northampton Blaze Inland championship.  AGM news - 'Fire' and 'Halo' to get regular starts in next years Blaze events.

August 2014  Halo2 (11.5m) and Fire (8.8m) sails released 

August 2014 - 8.8m 'Fire' production version released.  Halo2 sail being finalised prior to release shortly ... this version sits on REGULAR Blaze/Fire spars and has an area of 11.5m 

June 2014 - 54 entries to Warsash Blaze Nationals - New National Champion is 17 year old Ben Pickering

May 2014 - FIRE specification finalised.  'Fire' will be based on standard Blaze kit almost entirely.  The obvious exception is the 8.8m sail of course .... Fire owners will also have one key choice - use the standard telescopic Blaze wing 2.48m wide system OR opt for the lighter but narrower 2.05m 'fixed' system unique to FIRE. 

March 2014 - Burghfield Icon open day news. Come along to a try-an-Icon day at Burghfield SC on Saturday 29th.  No obligation whatsoever to buy - it is a strictly a 'just try' day. Contact Icon class Association (ICA) or Cirrus to book a boat. 

October 2013 - Revised HALO sail in development - can be used with STANDARD length Blaze masts.  No need to have 'stretched' Halo version.

January 2013 - Carbon mast offer for Blaze released - only requirement is that purchasers must be paid-up CA members by 14/2/13

December 2012 - Blaze production switched to White Formula (GB) after 6 year gap.  Minor changes to tooling planned (new non-slip, revised kick bars etc).  New solid alloy tooling for epoxy foils commissioned.  Rudder foil common to both Blaze and Icon.

October 2012 - Blaze CA votes all allow a standard carbon mast (50mm) for Blaze class

October 2011 Carbon mast Trial for Blaze Blaze AGM at Bala Inlands opts for Cirrus trial of carbon tube mast in 2012 - Report to next AGM 

October 2011 - BLAZE INLANDS Largest gathering ever for Inland Championship at Bala - 45 boats